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My son and I just LOVE our Behold Baby wraps!! I had a more structured baby carrier but my son would end up resting his head on the bulky buckle and I hated it. So I tried the Behold Baby wrap even though I was a bit nervous, but I watched the video on how to wear it, put it on and was surprised how snug it could get! My baby actually loves it so much that when I pull it out to start putting on, he smiles and squeals!! It’s nice being able to wear him so close. We bought 2 more like a week later and keep one in the diaper bag. It’s so easy to transport and so easy to wash! Not to mention I love that they are locally made! Erin S. 

I cannot say enough good things about this wrap. The light weight fabric allows my baby to be snug & comfortable in it for hours even in this Arizona heat. It has been a total lifesaver on the trips we’ve taken this summer: whether flying and changing terminals quickly, going to zoos and parks or even taking trips to the grocery store it’s nice to know I can keep baby close to me and not always have to lug around a car seat or stroller. Melanie D.

Having a newborn and a toddler is a little challenging when you only have 2 hands so my wrap has been SO great to carry my newborn around in! I love being able to hold and cuddle my baby close while tending to my family’s needs at the same time🤍 Emily B.

My wrap literally saved my sanity the first four months of my baby boys life! He wouldn’t nap unless I held him and actively rocked him, and my behold baby was the only wrap I had that didn’t kill my back and shoulders. Not to mention how many people asked me where I got it because the print is perfect! That’s how I found mine hahahaha, I stopped someone at a market and asked where they got theirs! Now I buy one for everyone that has a baby shower. Courtney F.

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