Hi There!

I am Hayley Benjamin and these two cuties in the photo are my babies-- Ava and Bo. I am a native Arizonan, a wife and a Mama! I consider myself an entrepreneur at heart. In my pre-mommy life I owned and operated a womens' boutique and a bridal store which are some of my favorite memories.  I then went on to become a certified childbirth educator and teach HypnoBirthing to expecting parents (which I still currently do and love!) It seems like my passions always coincide with the stage of life I am in so it is no surprise that I am here today! Behold Baby was inspired by son Bo. When he was born I quickly realized how important it was for me to be able to tend to my 2.5 year old while still keeping baby happy and comforted. Baby-wearing was the key! He and I both loved baby-wearing for it's many benefits, but I found that most carriers and wraps I tried just didn't feel quite "right".  From there, Behold Baby Wraps was born! I am so passionate about helping women and mothers in all areas of life and I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to help mothers bond deeply with their babies through baby-wearing. If you'd like to contact me, or ask me any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach me at hayleyb@beholdbabies.com-- I am an open book! Thank you for joining us at Behold Baby.